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the back story

How it all started

The idea of TiPSTER first came to me in 2018. As I was heading to work one morning I saw a group of police officers on the side of the road, apparently looking for someone on foot. I asked everyone in my office if they knew what was happening … nobody had a clue.

Later that day, an officer arrived telling us of a shooting nearby and asking if we had video surveillance of our parking lot. We did, and as we watched together we saw the suspect leaving his vehicle parked right in front of my office window.

Fortunately, the police found the suspect, but I couldn’t help but wonder … what if the suspect had returned for his car, or worse? Shouldn’t the local community have been alerted to the potential danger?

Then, just weeks later, I experienced a terrifying moment: I lost sight of my child for what seemed like an eternity in hell. The resolve for TiPSTER came to me at the height of my panic. The next day, with my child safely by my side, I began to develop the safety alert app that would become TiPSTER.

Misinformation creates divisiveness and violence

Although I originally conceived of TiPSTER as a safety alert app, it has evolved to meet a number of America’s growing problems including our divisiveness and violence. Both of these are fueled by the misinformation that abounds on the internet and social media.

It’s pushing our emotional buttons, fueling our confusion, and wreaking divisiveness. Confusion, division, and anger usually result in violence … and here we are.

Reliable news creates safety and common ground

TiPSTER’s real-time, relevant, and reliable news not only keeps us safe, it also helps us solve our common problems. Working with the same information we can recognize local and national issues we all face. This will foster trust and respect within our communities, encouraging us to work together to fix them.

TiPSTER: Today’s app to solve some of today’s problems

So, TiPSTER is not only about our staying safe in the moment, although it does that well
… it’s also about helping communities create common ground.
TiPSTER is free and always will be, thanks to our sponsors. So put TiPSTER to work for you today!

Annelyn Sanchez
CEO & Founder 

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